Artist Pond offers all American Artists the opportunity to present themselves
professionally and be recognized by a global audience.  

Where the World Discovers American Artists

Artist Pond is a unique showcase of American Artists with groundbreaking features that benefit everyone in the art world. With an innovative Geographic Location Map and the ability to listen to the artist’s voice, Artist Pond gives the world a new view of American culture—directly from the artists themselves.
America the Beautiful

wants artists to present our culture through their art on Artist Pond and demonstrate our genuine creativity that has been been granted by our right to Artistic Freedom of Expression.

The Bigger the Splash — The Wider the Ripple Effect
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The Ripple Effect
Artist Pond creates a Ripple Effect when visitors select an image from the artist search results that links them directly to the Artist's Pro Page. This action helps that artist get to the "Top of the Pond" in all future searches on Artist Pond.
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Sharing Ripples
Artist Pond offers the visitors to Artist Pro Pages many ways to create a Ripple Effect for the artist they are viewing, including using the Social Media icons and sharing their Pro Page on their own social media accounts.
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Pro Page Ripples
When Artist Pond visitors view and interact with an Artist's Pro Page, a Ripple Effect occurs and the Artist attains a higher ranking in Artist Pond search results. The more ripples that the artist creates, the greater the opportunities for the artist.
The Pro Page
Lightbox Gallery
Artist Pond offers you the ability to upload 10 images that are featured in a beautiful Lightbox gallery, each with a title and full description that is searchable.
Audience Engagement
Your audience can engage with you directly from the Pro Page with unique forms emailed directly to you while your email address remains private.
Multimedia Assets
On Artist Pond, artists may present 10 audio files in a contemporary player, 1 video in a current player, and 3 media articles that allow your art story to come alive!
We Link You Up
Artist Pond links you up with anywhere on the Internet where you want your visitors to discover more about you or to buy your art and/or retain your services.
Artist Content
Artist Images, Video, Audios, Statement & Bio, Notable Events, Quote, Q&A, Updates, Virtual Service, News Media, Social Media, Promotional Media Assets & much more!
Social Media
Artist Pond offers highly effective social media connection. Social Media icon links are displayed for your visitors to share your Pro Page with their audience
The Artist Pond Pro Page
Full of outstanding features to promote you and your art, the Artist Pond Pro Page is a revolutionary tool for American Artists.  Professionally-designed in a neutral grey so that the only color is added by the Artist's content, it is elegant yet effective.  A clean, streamlined website with no distracting ads, the Pro Page allows the visitor to focus solely on the Artist.  Now you can talk directly to your visitors in your own voice and offer them a personal introduction to you and your art.  Featuring a webpage that contains all of your links and also multiple methods for your audience to contact you directly--while your email remains private.  Check out the link to view a live Pro Page—it offers everything you need to promote yourself and your art.

Become Part of American Art History

Artist Pond showcases American Artists and is based on the initiative, "United by Artistic Freedom of Expression" which offers American Artists the opportunity to be recognized by a global audience and also by American art history.
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Monthly Subscription

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Yearly Subscription

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Give an American artist the best gift they have ever received. A year on Artist Pond will connect them to a global audience ready to discover their art.

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